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Frequently asked questions 

Where are the cabins? 

We are based on a small holding in the hills  inbetween Newtown and Welshpool Powys. (MID WALES)
Post code is SY16 3DX 

How many do they sleep ? 

The hot tub cabins :
The George and the Bothy - Both Sleep 4 plus one infant.
They both have 1 super king sized bed  plus 2 singles.  
We have high chairs and travel cots available. 

The Gathering - Studio apartment cabins:  (No hot tubs)
The  Apple , Blossom & Cherry - Each sleep 2 , they have one super king sized bed. 
They Apple, Blossom & Cherry are STRICTLY adult only cabins - with no exeptions 
(Even if your children are well behaved, can squeeze into one bed or are babies.... they're still not adults)
Why - Because sometimes people need space without kids being around, no matter what their age or how cute they are.  

We are here - mid wales / near newtown powys


Which ones have hot tubs ? 

The George & The Bothy  both have hot tubs.
The Apple , Blossom & Cherry do not. 

Why is a longer stay cheaper? 

We offer a 1 night stay in the smaller cabins. but a 2 night stay is pretty much the same price!  The hot tub cabins have a min of 2 nights, however the longer the stay the better the deal. - make surethat you check the prices for a longer stay - so you get the best deal possible. 

Do you have wifi? 

All Cabins have WIFI 
The Wifi is run via 4G routers . so it's not the fastest. but it's ok for general browsing and some streaming. 

Can i bring my pets ? 

No Sorry , we LOVE animals , but the cabins and surroundings  just aren't equipt to deal with pets.  
Please click this link for more info on our pet policy

Are the cabins private? 

of course !  unlike most sites, the cabins do not sit on top of other, they are spread apart, you can be as loud as you like  and enjoy being in the hot tub without worrying about other people  being around. We have 5 cabins on the farm,  and we are often pottering about, but you will barely notice anyone once you  settle down and relax. 

Whats the difference between the George and The Bothy ? 

Not a lot !  They are pretty muich exactly the same, the Bothy has a slate floor in the kitchen and the George does not.  The George has a bigger parking area. but the differences are very little. 

Why is there a minimum two night stay in the George and The Bothy?

its mainly to do with the hot tubs, We have to empty , clean and refil the  tub before and after each guest, this takes  quite a bit of time.  - not all places do this hence why other places will offer a one night stay, however, we cannot allow people to share other peoples water... you never know what goes on in the tub !  - We recommend a min THREE night stay if you wish to use the hot tub, as it may not be hot on the first night of your stay. 

Are the Cabins on the farm? 

The cabins are all located within our "Farm" Everything is open planned so the animals will most likely pop over and say hello to you during your stay. 
It's not your typical Farm though.... we have a NO KILL farm, whereby all of our animals are happily living their best lives, most are Rescues, some are born here, but all have a home for their full natural lives. 

Sometimes you'll see us pottering about, (You're welcome to help!) we always try to keep noise to a minimum. and to be honest, we're terrible farmers, so a lot of the time you'll probably just find us talking to the animals " Pretending" to do some work instead of actually doing work! 

Do you offer any additional extras ? 

We are always happy to help! , romantic get aways ? anniversarys, birthdays ... don't panic !  we'll sort you some flowers and special bits. ... need to propose ?  we have the best proposal ideas and can help you make things perfect! - just get in touch . upon booking you can add " something special" and we'll work our magic for you. 

Wheres the nearest shop  / Pub? 

The village shop is 3 miles  ,  Pub is 1.5  mile, the local towns are 5 miles.  there are lovely places to eat all within arlound about a 15 mins drive. 
We even have a sneaky littke donations only Bar  on site - if you dont fancy walking to the pub. 

Can my friends visit during our holiday ?

We'd prefer to know ahead of time if you have friends visiting during the day for security reasons.
please note,  We do not allow over occupancy to sleep inside the cabins.
If your friends want to stay over. ask us about availability in our other cabins , and we may be able to fit them in. 

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