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About us 


Hand Built by US 

Woodside Farm is home to John (Father) Hele and George (Daughter and son) 

Our  Log cabins have been specifically designed by John and hand built by John and family during their spare time after their full time jobs. 

They are "REAL LOG CABINS" not those bolt together caravan type lodges. 
When we (the family) aren't busy in work, or busy maintaining the cabins, We enjoy nothing more than relaxing at Woodside farm. Be that watching the wildlife,  tending to the farm animals or playing around on the tractors and other"boys toys". We love welcoming new guests to our farm and enjoy seeing returning guests again, One thing that makes all of the hard work worth while, is when new guests leave as our new friends. ..........
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Woodside Farm  "Home" 
 Our 5 log cabins are situated within our  16 acre small holding, Called "Woodside Farm" . During your stay you're welcome to roam where you want to roam. we'd also love it if you ewanted to help out with any of the animal feeding, or general farm jobs!

Our journey began (before the cabins) as rare breed chicken breeders, by accident we became the largest breeder of transilvanain naked neck chickens...  we still often hatch chicks so be sure to ask if we have any hatching during your stay. 

We have a varity of editble plants on the farm all planted when we first moved on the land 25 years ago, fruit trees , pears, apples, plums , hedgerows full of berries, herbs, wild mushrooms and more. 

We have a small pond - home to some small fish, dragon flies and the Ducks. If you're an animal lover - you'll spot the kites and buzzards flying above, and hares and squirrels and rabbits  on the ground.  
You will be expected to give Dotty the pig a belly rub and feed the Rheas, Emus and chickens who all roam freely around the farm. so dont be alarmed if you have a knock on the door from a friendly chicken! 

It's all a bit of a work in progress ... we will by no means ever been a manicured site like a centre parks. but what we are is "REAL" . you may find sheep poo. you WILL find potholes and muddy puddles. but you are guaranteed to leave relaxed and wanting to come back. 

We do not have phone lines or fast internet. 

But DON'T PANIC! you can still use your mobile phones 3G and 4G data. 
We have 4G hubs in the cabins which are slow. but do the job. 

Having no (or slow) wifi connection throughout your holiday will not ruin your holiday, if anything it will improve it!
Imagine the feeling of connecting with your family without holding a phone in your hands. strengthening bonds and making memories that will last a life time. - it is true bliss and I promise, it's easier than it sounds. 

The Cabins 
We have 5 cabins in total, and the full site capacity is 14 people plus 2 infants .

Our larger log cabins have their own private outdoor hot tub, large bedrooms with Super king size beds and living spaces,  along with a fully fitted kitchen, modern appliances and everything else you’d expect.

Our smaller Log Cabins  have a super king sized bed, kitchennete, livign area and bathroom.
They are perfect for romantic breaks, weekends away, walking holidays, Cycling holidays, and are a perfect space to relax after a day exploring in Wales. 

You’ll feel very special, whether it's a spring, summer, autumn or winter break.
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