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Pet Policy 

Due to the nature of our small holding, We do not accept pets to stay inside the cabins. 

We have livestock including Sheep, Rhea, Chickens, Guinea fowl, ducks and Emu & a pig!.

Dog hair seems to stick like velcrow to the log cabin walls , so hoovering them and the ceilings ios not fun. Also - everyone says their dogs are trained and well behaved, and unfortuatley we can't take those chances (if not totally true) around our other animals .  

We ourselves have 2 farm dogs named Gary & Toby , However they're not allowed in the cabins are are fully trained aroundour livestock.
So, If you do miss your pets you're most welcome to give the boys some fuss! 

If you would like to have your pets closeby, I can recommend the following kennels and catteries very close by. 

Cattery: Plas Cath luxury cattery : website link 

Kennels : Frochas hill kennels : website link 

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